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Special Friday Night Cow Sale January 21, 2022 6 P.M.

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20 3/4 angus 1/4 hol bred hfrs 1150-1200 bred to Rinkes Angus LBW bulls for late Jan.- Feb. calves Circle D Cattle. (video)

20 char/blk angus x bred hfrs 1050-1100 bred to Rinkes Angus LBW bulls for late Jan.- Feb. calves Circle D Cattle (video)

19 red angus bred hfrs 1050-1100, hfrs originated from Blackwood Farms, bred to LBW calving ease Pieper Red Angus bull, start calving Feb. 1 for 45 days, vacc & scourguard (Pics)

17 blk angus hfrs sired by Rinkes blk angus, bred to Swearingin LBW blk angus for end of Feb.-March calves 1050-1100 wormed & vacc B Thompson


8 blk angus hfrs/45-60 day old calves not exposed G Reinecke

10 blk bwf hfr pairs & few bred hfrs J McCauley


35 blk cows 4-7 yrs, bred blk angus bulls for late Feb. calves for 60 days Kamel Creek Farms

40 blk bwf cows, heavy springers 3-5 yrs bred blk angus bull J McCauley


20 herf cows/red angus sired fall calves(cut & vacc), running age, exposed to red angus bull since November 25 Figge Bar 5

20 blk bwf cows/200-500 lb calves, running age, exposed to blk angus bull since Oct. 1 J McCauley

Casey Bloom, Wetmore, KS will be dispersing 315 cows, the young end of his cow herd.

All cows & hfrs are bred to start calving Feb. 15-20. All bulls were pulled at 90 days. Herd sires were purchased from Barnett Angus, Holton, KS, Oleen Brothers, Dwight, KS or Sonderup Charolais, Fullerton, NE. This herd has a great vaccination program with all cows receiving BoviShield Gold VL5 & Long Range in the spring and this past December receiving Cydectin, Synanthic oral dewormer and Scourboss 9. (Pics)

Following is the breakdown of Casey's cows

35 blk bwf 1st calf hfrs, bred to proven Oleen & Barnett LBW blk angus

65 blk bwf cows, 3 yrs, bred Oleen blk angus or char

30 red angus cows, 4 yrs, bred Oleen blk angus or Barnett blk angus

45 blk bwf & few char cows, 5 yrs, bred Oleen horned herf or blk angus, few char

40 blk, bwf, red angus & few char, 6 yrs, blks bred to char or Oleen horned herf; red angus, char & bwf bred Oleen blk angus

100 blk bwf cows, 7 yrs, bred Oleen horned herf or char, few bred Oleen blk angus


2) 2 yr old blk angus bulls, AI sired, maternal sire Compass, sire Momentum 70 & 80 lb. BW M Grollmes